Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bratpacks Diaries

There are two experiences in my life that have been significant when talking about using Jansport bag. The first one was back when I was 12 when my parents had a really big fight. The tension was so intense that my mother and I had to pack our things and move out of the house for a while with my little brother. I remember using my classic red-maroon Jansport bag on our way to my lola’s house in Laguna. During the trip I was crying on one side of that bag while holding it. That’s why I was so surprised with this contest because that moment that I mentioned is something that I can’t forget.The other story was when the first time that I was permitted to sleep overnight with my friends. That was when I was already a 4th year college student. Just imagine all those overnights that I missed before that day. I was really excited. It was an overnight swimming in Pansol with my college barkada. And of course, the bag that I was using was a black Jansport bag.I super love my Jansport backpacks!

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